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When it comes to buying a property in Portugal, the purchase process is actually fairly simple and straight forward. 

The most important step is to find your dream home in the sunny South. From there on, we can break down the buying process in the following steps:

Step 1 

Finding the property

This is of course, to search for a property. At Exclusive Algarve Villas we have a large property portfolio that allows you to choose from, all across the Western and Central Algarve. Furthermore, we have an established professional network of real estate agents in the Algarve to ensure we can offer you a large number of suitable properties to visit.  Please visit also our websites  and  for more property suggestions.

Step 2 

Offer communication

Once you have identified the property you would like to buy, the next step is to make an offer and get the offer accepted by the vendors. Once this step has been cleared it is important to contract a lawyer or solicitor to get ready for the next step – signing the Promissory Contract.

Step 3 

Lawyer selection

We normally recommend speaking with a few lawyers in the same area as where you are buying the property. It is important that you feel comfortable with the lawyer representing you with the purchase.

Step 4 

Fiscal Number

The lawyer will apply for your fiscal number at the local tax office. The fiscal number can be obtained for both residents, and non-residents in Portugal.

For the signing of the promissory contract and deeds, if you are not in the country, your lawyer can represent you and sign on your behalf, with a power of attorney, so you will have to make provisions for this if you won’t be available in person. 

Step 5 

The Promissory Contract 

The Promissory contract is the first legal binding document committing both buyer and vendor to the real estate transaction.  Any conditions, agreements, or other terms discussed by both parties can be included in the promissory contract. Normally a 10% payment is made upon signing of the contract, although this figure can be different accordingly to what has been agreed.

Step 6 

The Final Deed

The date for the final deeds (or completion of the sale) can be at any date agreed by both parties and they will be signed at a local notary office. Before the deeds, taxes (IMT) and stamp duty have to be paid.  At the notary, all original property documents will be checked by the Notary prior to proceeding to the final deeds.

If there is a mortgage on the property, a representative from the bank will be present at the deeds and provide the Mortgage Cancellation certificate, to ensure you are buying a property free from debts.

Step 7

Post purchase

Once you have a copy of the deeds, the tax department and the Land registry office must be notified of the change of ownership, as well as all utility bills.  Readings of all the utility meters are taken before the deeds to assist your lawyer with these transactions.

Exclusive Algarve Villas always recommends that you buy & sell with the assistance of a lawyer. 





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