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How to successfully sell a property in the algarve

Promotional items

You can only make a first impression once. The first introduction between a buyer and your home will be via the internet. Pictures, movies, and the description will be the main factors that will capture his/her interest and make the decision to ask for further information and to book a visit.   It is critical that your house is displayed at that it features its best qualities.

Prepare your villa, townhouses, penthouse, apartment or plot for a viewing

Presentation matters!  The first impression when arriving to the property is the entrance and exterior of the property.  Please make sure that gardens, plants, pots, gates, walls, fences, etc are in good condition.  The property must have an “enviting appeal” when you first arrive to it.

Exclusive Algarve Villas recommends to have any odd jobs, outstanding maintenance, paint, etc, to be done before placing the property on the market.

Bathrooms & toilets

Make sure that bathrooms are clean and tidy and that any unnecessary clutter has been put away.  The bathroom space is important and must look bright and spacious.  Items such as used towels, soaps, medication, toiletries cause distraction and can give a sense of clutterness.


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house.  Please ensure that there is no items on the sink, cloths and sponges, and the table and counter are free of clutter.  All appliances must also be clean, and all pots and pans, dishes, etc. should be stored away.  Please remember that the clients want to visualize themselves using this kitchen, and must give them the sensation it is ready for them to move in.

Bedrooms and living areas

Some families have collected “treasures” over the years and their property tends to be over crowded with decorations and collection pieces.  When a property is overly crowded, it might appear smaller than it actually is and make it hard for people to visualize its real dimension.  We recommend that you prepare your house for viewings by “preparing it to be sold” – this means, to display only items that enhance your property.  This might require storing some items in advance.  Make sure that curtains and shutters are all open to get as much natural light into the property as possible.


Many garages are used for storage.  In these situations, we suggest that you organize the contents and store them in a neat way to prevent from giving the impression that the house lacks closets or storage space.  For many buyers who will want to live here on a semi-permanent basis, the garage is very important. Owners will want to leave a car here, so to appreciate the space a clean and neat garage is beneficial.

The Algarve can be humid in the winter and autumn time, we advise that the property will be aired before the viewing.


If you are an animal lover and have a pet, we recommend an in-depth cleaning prior to the visits. Because some clients have allergies or are afraid of animals, it is recommended that all pets are absent during the viewings.


The Algarve can be chilly and humid in the winter and hot in the summer. Exclusive Algarve Villas recommends to turn on the air-conditioning / heating units before a visit to ensure a pleasant temperature upon arrivals of the clients.

Pools & Jacuzzi

Most properties are maintained by a property management company.  Please ensure that your Jacuzzi and swimming pool are in good order before the viewings. 



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